The Butterfly Dress. Details and inspiration.

This has been my absolute favourite dress to make. So far. I don't want to be presumptuous and assume that this will always be my favourite dress because...I'm still going to make a lot of dresses and I like to employ the same diplomacy that parents do. Imagine a new mom declaring, 'this is my favourite child' after having her first son. All these dresses are my babies, but I don't want to be that mom. That said though, I do love this one. And while it's still safely my favourite, I want to tell you all about it!

I love this dress because I'm a ridiculous human who loves all things whimsical. This idea of a custom gown, a butterfly dress, came to me uninvited and then I couldn't shake it. Butterflies are beautiful, free and fantastic. Fantastic in the sense that they inspire fantasy. In a whimsical sense. Butterflies also represent, perhaps, the most literal case of transformation. The caterpillar, the cocoon, the butterfly. It's the story of life, a story we can all relate to. I like to see it as a literal reminder that no matter your current cocoon, if you push through, there's always beauty at the end. I like it when my dress tells a story.

I love this dress because it forced me to work for it. 24 hours of painstaking work, Cutting, sewing, cutting again, gluing, sewing, doing it all again. I can't put into words the joy I felt upon completion, not to mention the accomplishment. I love this dress because it's soft pink, and I like that colour on dresses. It's soft, its delicate, it's fun, it has an air of ambiguity (as far as bridal dresses go), an air of rebellious and it's beautiful. Last, I love this dress because it's girly. Much girlier than I am in real life, so it's like a form of self exploration. Who knew I had this deep puffy, pink tulle dream inside me? What other wonderfully strange creations do I have to yet uncover and then reveal? Endless I hope.

I truly hope you enjoy the end result as much as I loved the process . I hope you like the butterfly dress.

A special thanks to Louis, Anu and Zuzana for helping me bring this vision to life with each of their artistic contributions.



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Spring inspired fashion.

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