Bahari Bridal Spring Shoot

I love spring, always have, but I think moving to a place where snow is synonymous with winter has definitely made me appreciate it more. Especially after three Nor'easter's, or was it four? For context, it's the day after Easter and I'm typing this with snow outside my window. For the purposes of this post, and to aid my denial, I'm going to pretend I can't see it. I'm going to pretend the weather is the same as it was yesterday. Warm, beautiful and Springy. I owed it to myself to celebrate Spring's triumphant return in the only way I know how. By making spring inspired custom wedding gowns and inviting some talented humans to bring them to life. I had a photo shoot. And naturally, I want to share it with you.

(Zuzana captured here looking like a fairytale in our custom butterfly wedding dress.)

(My favourite thing about this shoot is that we all had fun. And that Zuzana really loved her balloons.)

Looking at these images makes me chuckle to myself because I know just how close this shoot came to not happening. I know you don't, so I'll fill you in. I spent a weekend in a working frenzy, worrying if I would be able to finish in time or not. I neglected my husband and the dog. I drank questionable amounts of alcohol in an effort to calm myself and fuel my work which was, of course, counterproductive. And yet, somehow, I made it. On March 26, 2018, I left work in the middle of the day (like a rock star) to get to the photo shoot. I picked up my dresses, blew up some balloons and made my way to Red Banks's Molly Pitcher. A fine establishment, I must say. I met Louis, Yulia, Zuzana and Una and this is (the process of) the magic we created.

(Yulia and Zuzana were the perfect canvases for Una's amazing hair and makeup expertise. Captured here- Yulia.)

(Yulia encapsulating the mood of the entire shoot in a single photo, captured perfectly by Louis.)

That's really it. Just wanted to share some 'first look' stuff because I like you. Nothing major. I love how the shoot went, and I'm enjoying all the images I've gotten back so far. Looking forward to sharing the final images of the custom gowns with you all.

Happy (belated) Easter and happy spring,


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