NYFW!! Rebranding & First Fashion Show.

So I rebranded. It was a very natural decision that came when I looked at where I wanted to go with the brand and how I wanted it to develop. Also, it's symbolic of growth. Bahari is a name I've had for a long time, and one that I love, but one whose cycle I now see as complete. Without digressing too much, I just wanted to make a note of the change because it is a rather big one and I didn't want to cause confusion. All that said: Welcome to Londiwe.

To celebrate, Londiwe will be having it's debut fashion show for the collection 'Secret Garden' during New York Fashion Week as a guest brand for the New York Fashion & Music Conference. Best part, it's in FOUR DAYS [9/9/18]!

I'm excited, nervous and slightly overwhelmed. I'm also counting down the days because this will be the first time I have fashion show, which means it will be the first time I get to experience a crowd reaction to the entire collection in real time. I think that's valuable. I'll keep you posted.

A special thanks to an amazing team for being the talent behind these gorgeous images. I can't wait to see these dresses on the runway.




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Spring inspired fashion.

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