How to choose the perfect wedding gown

Perhaps the most important part of any woman's wedding, is the dress. It's that one detail we all very consciously enjoy obsessing over. We read blog after blog, we lose entire days on Pinterest and we force our friends and family along for our journey to 'bridezilla'. But it's not all without purpose, there is a reason that something as simple as a dress becomes so important to us. A reason an entire industry exists around helping you find your perfect dress. It's the same reason I chose to get into that very industry. That reason simply, is because it's more than 'just a dress'.

As people we are complex things, and as women I believe even more so. But perhaps one of my favourite human traits is our ability to connect depth to very simple things. We really can fall in love with a dress because through our eyes it's so much more than that. We see the lace and connect it to the intimacy we hope for in our marriage, we see a beaded bodice and it reminds us of the delicacy with which we once watched our grandmother stitch something similar. We see a full tulle skirt and we remember our most innocent princess fantasy from childhood. In a way, we are all constantly looking for pieces of ourselves externally that connect to us subconsciously. So I know it's more than just a dress.

I know you can (and probably have) already read an impressive amount of guides about how to find the perfect dress for your body type, your age, your star sign, your Harry Potter house.. And while these are all helpful (I'm sure), in this post I'd like to channel your attention in a slightly different direction. Choose the dress that connects with you. The one you put on and it stops your whole world. The one that takes you to very tingly place and makes all your insides smile. The one whose appeal you may not really be able to explain, but you just know it's the one because of how it makes you feel. The one you fall in love with. Choose that one.

If it sounds like I'm trying suspiciously hard to get you to fall in love with an inanimate object, it's because I probably am. Seriously though, I believe in connection above all things. I believe it's the thread that gives our lives meaning, and I believe that should be the basis on which we make all our decisions or at least the very important ones. In choosing who to give our hearts to; what career path to follow; where to live: Lead with love, and choose the man or woman who connects to your soul; choose to make a living doing what makes you happiest (I just want to make gorgeous gowns and write stuff for the rest of my here we are ); choose to live the place where you can be with the person you love while doing the thing you love (and that might mean moving half way around the I did and here we are ). No excuses, you deserve the dress, the person, the career, the life that takes your breath away, and it deserves you! The perfect dress is the one you fall in love with. It's out there, go find it. (And If you can't find it come to me and I'll make your custom wedding gown and we'll fall in love with it together.)

Happy searching, talk soon.


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