Guess Who re-branded Again...We Did.

Yes that's right. Why? You may be asking, why go through all the trouble of re-branding (that first time...see previous post) only to do it again now. You know what...that's a good question. I'm not certain I have a good answer, but I have goes:

Something just didn't fit with the original idea, 'embrace the whimsical' was a great line in my head until I created a collection and then basically couldn't create another one that I thought fit that tag line. In short, the brand I'd created was ill defined, too wide in it's scope and the result was that I essentially had no brand identity. Now post first collection and a whole re-branding announcement is a rough way to find that out...but I found it out.

And when it came time to rethink my branding, I was determined to learn from my mistakes. It actually just came to me, I looked at the collection I'd made for Londiwe and realised that I was continuously inspired by things in bloom, inspired by Spring. I had named the collection 'Secret Garden' for example and I fell in love with and made repeated use of this one trim with a daisy design. I love that trim. And as I spent more time expanding on my new shift, it occurred to me that I couldn't find a better symbol for what Londiwe had evolved into, than that daisy. And here we are. Londiwe is spring inspired fashion, and my branding finally matches my vision.

I've chosen to start off small by putting together a Swim collection, 10 pieces in total, and letting this be the way I introduce Londiwe to the world. I love this collection, I think it captures the essence of the brand, I think it's fresh and vibrant and I think it lives up to the the new wording- eternal spring. When you're done here, why not head over to the shop and see it for yourself. I know this brand will find an audience, those of us who love the Spring time and wish we could somehow bottle it up and keep it with us at all times. This brand is my way of helping us get closer to doing just that. You'll also love this brand if you simply love beautiful clothing, made well and priced right. Pieces that make heads turn and make strangers give you warm smiles. That's us. Eternal spring.



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Spring inspired fashion.

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