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So I'm starting a new series where I breakdown the inspiration and design for the dresses I make. First up, the 'daisy mermaid dress'. I like daisies and I now have four nieces who love mermaids. Which means, for the sake of peace, that I love mermaids. So a dress combining both is really not so far fetched is it?

I'd love to say that's why I made this dress, but it wouldn't be too accurate. The real inspiration behind this dress is youth. It's the first thing that came to me when I thought of a young bride. Your quintessential millennial bride. Who's socially aware and active, and still demands the space to let her youth flourish. Who's educated and classy, and still wants to shake her butt because that doesn't take away from her classiness. Who respects traditional ideals but thrives in the notion of forging forth her own. Who wants to look beautiful on her wedding day but also- savage AF. Who doesn't think a wedding gown showing her midriff is wrong, in fact, it's the only one she would ever wear. This is the girl this custom wedding gown is for. It might not be you and that's okay, but if it is you- get your midriff ready girl. Either way, please enjoy this creation or share it with someone who might.

I like the daisies because of the sunshine they bring. I like that hint of golden-yellow. It makes me feel warm, it makes me feel good and it makes me feel young. Like I'm at a muddy music festival with my very drunk friends whom I love very much, but I've grown past that now, and I'm making one of the biggest steps of my life, with the love of my life. And those drunk friends are still right there beside me, where they'll stay forever and make sure I never lose the sunshine within.

It's a dress that's youthful, for the youthful bride. Because that youth, that innocence, is worth preserving. It's sexy, because who doesn't want to feel that way, regardless of age. It's playful, because we all know life is serious enough already. But hopefully all you remember is that it's beautiful, because that's all any bride wants to be.

I hope you find the dress that's just right for you, and I hope you know that it's okay if that doesn't look like anything you've seen before. You are unique, you deserve a unique dress. And when the time comes I'd love to be your choice for that. But until then, thanks for sticking around and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

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