Interesting Things About Me

We make clothing and accessories for women who wish it was spring all year long.

Londiwe offers the cutest designs in swimwear, beach bags, headbands, jewelry, floral scented candles, and our bestselling flora themed greeting cards.

In daisies we trust.

I'm Noni Arahill, the owner of Londiwe.

 I believe:


Clothing has the power to transform.


Spring is beautiful and its energy is powerful. 


Bright colours bring joy, and yellow is the best.


Items made by hand are special and important.

About Noni. 

I've been a lover of spring time since I could name the seasons, and a lover of fashion since I could dress myself. I feel lucky to have been creating beautiful spring inspired designs for over 5 years. 

I believe the clothes we wear have such an effect on us, so I choose to make only those that spark joy in me, those that evoke sunshine and happiness. With a passion for sustainability and an obsession for quality- these don't just look and feel good. They are good.

Our Values:


We care about the environment, and source all our materials as responsibly as possible. We limit of fabric and colour choices. e reuse everything we can. We donate leftovers.

Supporting Artists:

We buy from artists.  We create an ever present space in our primary store for all kinds of artists looking to sell their work and grow their business.

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Giving Back:

I started off producing all the pieces myself , and with the growth of Londiwe, I've built a workshop in Edebe, KZN, South Africa - in the village that raised me. I predominantly employ the wonderful women who have always supported me.

  • I was born and raised in South Africa. We have 11 official languages there and I speak 7 of them.

  • My first pet was a snake. I called her Gucci. My mother gave Gucci away when I left for university.

  • Nothing makes me happier than being around my family.

  • One day I will own a Tuscan Villa, complete with a spectacular garden that I will warm in every day and smell the flowers.

  • I'm a writer. My first novel The Pots (that mothers leave for their daughters) was the winner of the 2019/2020 Dinaane Debut Fiction Award. It's lovely and you can buy it here. If you like to read. 

  • I love making stunning one-of-a-kind gowns for clients. I made the gorgeous dress I'm pictured in to the left. I'd love to show you all the custom gowns I've made, and I'd love to make one for you too. 

Enjoy a weekly dose of Spring, whatever the weather. 

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Spring inspired fashion.

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